We Design with Our Client’s Life Style in Mind

When it comes to architecture we bring more than 30 years of practical experience to the table. After studying architectural design, working with architects over the years, and listening to my customers I have developed and eye for client needs. In our architectural plans, we understand and implement the architectural design principles of balance and symmetry. We bear in mind all of the many technical facets of a architectural design project that are easy to overlook. We consider our clients life style and future plans, like whether they have a growing family or perhaps they desire to downsize and simplify. In addition, we always take into account and respect our client’s budget.

Have you ever seen a home or addition that does not look pleasing to the eye? Perhaps you have been inside someone’s newly remodeled space and thought to yourself:

  • “This just does not seem to flow well.”
  • “Gee the space seems a little dark.”
  • “This space simply is out of character with the rest of the home.”

When you view our design portfolio, we hope you’ll see we strive for a very different reaction. A building with good architectural design must function and flow well. And we pay attention to all the easy to overlook architectural details such as window size and location, lighting, wall coloring, flooring that blends with room décor, and the use of moldings and wood work to enhance each space.

Even beyond this, we know the technical aspects your building needs to function correctly in a given environment. Has anyone taken into consideration rain, wind, snow, & ice conditions in the area where project is being built? What about prevailing Winds? How will they affect the building's heating and cooling? What are the potential snow and ice buildup conditions? While we are expert at considering these things, we keeping in mind our client’s budget, and their life style habits. What is the amount of time you can or want to spend on maintenance? We design with our client’s life style in mind!

As you can see there is quite a lot involved in good Architectural Design. I would love to talk with you more and hear your ideas. Just fill out the contact form to the right and we can begin a conversation about your architectural project.