Engineered for Aesthetics and Quality

When it comes to the engineering involved in a building design or remodeling project, we need to take into consideration both the way it will look, or aesthetics, and maintaining a solid structural form using quality building materials that will last. Structural engineering not only involves the foundation and framing of a building, it encompasses lighting, heating, plumbing, electrical needs, appliance requirements, and the total electrical amperage needed for a completed project. These are all aspects of the engineering side of the design build construction process.

Given the pace at which new building products are entering the market, engineering methods are changing on almost a daily basis. It can be difficult for the customer to absorb information about the vast array of choices available and to make decisions. We have over 30 years of design and build construction experience and we can help. We will provide engineer stamped drawings when and where required to meet code and building needs.

Engineering that fits your current and future needs with quality building products that are aesthetically pleasing is our aim. Of course, at the same time we focus on engineering with the most cost effective use of building materials needed to complete our design build projects. We understand our client’s need to keep cost contained to meet their budget.

As part of the engineering process we’ll look at the most efficient method by which to heat your building. We can make recommendations to update the heating system in existing buildings. We find cost effective lighting that also provides adequate illumination.

Our goal always is to create something engineered so you can’t wait to use it. We want you to be proud to own the results of our engineering skill. We want it to be something you’ll want to show off to your friends and family.

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