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Interior Design to Compliment the Exterior

We begin remodeling projects that focus primarily on interior design with an outside in or exterior first approach. The first thing we see when we come home is the outside of the house. Do you want your home to visually say?

  • “Welcome home! Please come in and relax.”
  • “Welcome, this is a peaceful and well balanced environment for your enjoyment. Please come inside.”

Concentrating only on the interior need for the remodeled space we can pay little or no attention to how the house will look from the outside. This can seriously, negatively effect the value of a home. It is always a good idea to think from the outside in.

The exterior first impression of a house is what I call curb appeal. Some other physical considerations besides curb appeal involved in interior design projects are the flow and functionality or the space and maximizing useful space. Lighting should be carefully chosen. Overall the quality of interior design products always should be considered. With 30 years of interior design experience we understand the quality of home design products and manufacturers and advise you carefully. Of course, we always aim for helping you achieve the best value for the money.

Our interior designs pay close attention to the you, the client. Your personality and life style guide all our selections. We are seeing to it that cabinetry matches your storage needs and cooking style. The shower and bath area can be made to accommodate children or perhaps a handicapped individual. It is especially nice when the interior design incorporates personal touches making the space comfortable and homey.

We like to design small personal details into the overall interior design project. Everyone who enters a room should get a glimpse into your personality and what you perceive to be valuable. It is always a nice touch when an interior design creates a specific focal spot for a cherished picture whether being a family portrait, a picture, a family heirloom, or any cherished item.

Please feel free to contact us using the form to the right if you would like to begin a conversation about a potential interior design project. As always we are here to help!