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We aim to make your building project as easy and as enjoyable an experience as possible for you from building design all the way through to completion of the building construction process. We provide the building project management and oversee the actual building construction of your project. Our clients range from those who are involved in a small re design project, to building a residential home for the first time, to seasoned vets working on commercial building projects. No matter the size and scope of your building project, we want you to be our satisfied customer. I have laid out our design build process below, if you think I might be the design build consultant for you, I am interested in talking with you. So do not hesitate to fill out the contact form to the right and we can start a conversation. I am excited to hear from you!

The Process

Design Concept & Preliminary Budget

The first step is to set up a meeting. We meet with you and discuss your needs, desires, hopes and dreams! From this meeting we come up with some basic concepts for your project. We create rough draft drawings/plans from which we can develop preliminary budget. We need to make sure your overall project cost lines up with your purposed budget. So we start with this proposed preliminary budget

Building Design

Once we have an OK with preliminary budget numbers, the second step is the more formal in depth building design process. Complete drawings and sketches are rendered along with more precise dollar values for each segment of the overall project, i.e.: site work, foundations, building materials, labor cost, plumbing, electrical, heating etc., etc. Hand-in-hand with this process, material selections are better defined. Sidings are selected. Interior finishes are discussed. Moldings are determined. Door styles are suggested. Floor coverings are discussed. All the while, we are getting closer and closer to final design and working drawings. Once a final Building Design has been approved, and it has been determined the project has a “GO AHEAD,” the third step is drawing up a contract.

The Contract

The Contract includes a project schedule, or time line, with a starting date, completion date, and outlines important dates in between. It also includes the payment schedule. During the project, as part of building project management, we will be constantly coordinating the project flow and making sure all paper work is kept up-to-date. We are assuring suppliers and Sub-Contractors are paid in a timely manner. So, once all this documentation is completed, we begin the fourth step.

Permits and Building Materials

The fourth step includes permit procurement, lining up necessary sub-contractors, ordering general building materials and special ordering products. Again as part of building project management, we take care of ordering all the materials and the delivery schedules. We hire, schedule and keep the sub-contractors updated as to when they will be needed. All this must be done before taking the exciting fifth step of actually starting the building construction.

Building Construction

In a Nut Shell, start to finish, we try to make your building construction process as easy and enjoyable for you, the client, as possible. We have done re-design projects for people that have been involved with a major loss due to fire or other major event with their property. Out of the Ashes arises a wonderful new, more efficient, more open, more enjoyable home! It really helps to have the trained eye of someone who can think outside-the-box and bring new ideas to the table.

I like to Grade all my projects, not numerically, rather by a few very common comments. This is how I measure the success of a project. Some of the most popular exclamations of past clients are:

  • "Wow!" (#1 comment)
  • "I can’t believe this is the same space/room/house!"
  • "I would never have believed this was possible!"
  • "I can’t remember what it used to look like!"

When I hear these Comments, I know we have hit a home run and met or surpassed the customer's objectives.

In the contact form to the right let me know if you are interested in having a conversation or if you want to go ahead and set up a meeting. We are always happy to help!

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